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  1. Use only the Last Name field if searching for a Diplomate.
  2. Any field can be used if searching for a Consultant, e.g. entering "San Ant" and "TX" will return a listing of all consultants in San Antonio, TX.
  3. The search engine looks for the exact phrase, e.g. search for "bart" will find Barton and Hillbart. Case is not significant.
  4. Understanding the search results:
    • CIH or CAIH = Currently certified Diplomates
    • Inactive = Diplomates on a Leave of Absence
    • Certified From^ = Former Diplomates who voluntarily surrendered (or retired) their certification and choose to remain listed

* paid up on all fees and no outstanding ethics issues

^ former Diplomates are not allowed to use their previous certification designations (e.g., CIH) except when including the years of certification